our mission!

To Inspire, Empower and Develop A Global Community of Future Nurses. 

about us!


Welcome to The Nurses Pub, The #1 Global Connection for emPowering Future Nurses.

It is an exciting time for a career in nursing. and we are in the business of mentoring, uplifting, and motivating individuals that never thought in their wildest dreams that becoming a nursing professional would be possible. 

Founder and CEO, Mona Clayton, MSN, RN was previously a single parent while completing her nursing education and saw a need to give back to single mothers and students from underserved communities. She set out in 2018 to develop the California-based non- profit organization, "The Nurses Pub®."

With a goal to assist single mothers in South Central Los Angeles to start and complete their journey from student to nurse, the organization developed several major partnerships from universities and corporations and has grown to assist students throughout Southern California and Africa to thrive while completing their studies through workshops, seminars, literature, mentoring sessions, human resource assistance, and networking.


1. To provide scholarship funding for nursing student nominees from USA and throughout the nations. 

2. To continue the worldwide recruitment for attracting 100,000 future nurses to help the growing global need for nurses.

3. To build The Nurses Pub Resource Center in an underserved community for the purpose of assisting single mothers during their journey from student to nurse. 

4. To create economic and career development for women with children experiencing homelessness.