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Dear Potential Sponsor:

Nursing care is critical in today’s society especially with the crisis we are experiencing throughout the nation. One common factor during this time is the need for nursing care around the globe.

 Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession and this fact is more realized with nurses being the forefront of caring for individuals experiencing the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Nurses Pub Foundation realizes the need for fulfilling the gap for nurses in healthcare and have developed tools to help remedy the shortage of nurses throughout the world since 2014. Our mission is to empower inspire and develop and global community of future nurses. 

The aim for the 2020 season is to improve on our services such as workshops, seminars, scholarships and other unique fundraising events. Our previous efforts have assisted $4,000 in scholarships for our first 2019 fundraiser and have provided books, learning materials mentors and tutoring for students in America, Kenya, and Ghana. 

We are also focused on building The Nurses Pub Community Center to help single parents with a venue for tutoring, childcare, seminars, transportation and workshops. 

Moving forward with our outreach for building future nurses, our services are greatly needed and with the support of others we can continue to make a difference. 

“From South Central Los Angeles to the regions of Africa, Asia, and the Philippines, we are making a difference in the lives of nurses and nursing students everywhere.”

Mona Clayton, MSN, RN, CEO/Founder


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With the need for nurses globally, The Nurses Pub Foundation is about raising funds to help inspire, empower and develop a global community of future nurses.  We are on a mission to raise $100,000 for year 2020 to support nursing students in the United States and across the globe. 

Our funds will be utilized for the following purposes: 

  • The Nurses Pub Scholarship Fund-To provide scholarships for students in the the USA and globally.
  • The Nurses Pub Skid Row Initiative-To provide economic and career development for women with children experiencing homelessness by seeking a career in nursing.
  • The Nurses Pub Resource Center-To build the Nurses Pub Resource Center  in an underserved community for nursing students with children.  
  • The #100k Outreach Campaign-To continue the global outreach for attracting #100k students to the nursing profession. 

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